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James F Tenney, Lawyer – Taxation Law Expert In Atlanta

James F Tenney lawyer is a taxation expert in Atlanta with more than three decades of working experience in the field of law. He studied at the University of Michigan and University of Tennessee where he received his undergraduate degree (B.S.) in finance, and his law degree (J.D.). He further studied at Emory University from where he received his Master of Law in Taxation (L.L.M.). He is the preferred choice of clients who are seeking counsel and advice on various matters related to finances and taxation. His regular clients range from domestic as well as international businessmen, corporations, and professionals who often seek advice on legal as well taxation matters.

Wealthy individuals often seek counsel from James Tenney Atlanta lawyer for matters related to tax planning, estate planning, asset protection and more. International businesses often take his guidance on structuring business entities, mergers, acquisitions, and international business transactions. His business advice has helped his clients in structuring taxes and business operations to reduce risk and increase their profits.

James Tenney Attorney Atlanta is also a speaker and a writer. He delivers regular lectures about the latest developments in the legal arena. He also conducts workshops in Atlanta and surrounding areas to inform people about the impact of developments in the areas of taxation and finances on their lives. He also writes for several legal publications and trade journals. His articles are informative in nature and useful for experts as well as laymen who want to learn about taxation and finances. His colleagues and peers greatly value his opinion on taxation related matters. A respected professional in the legal circles, James Tenney Atlanta lawyer lives in Atlanta with his wife and he enjoys sports and motorcycling in his free time.
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